OPEN Lahore Chapter 

As an official chapter of OPEN global, OPEN Lahore Chapter is committed to the mission and vision of OPEN. OPEN Lahore is working to make partnerships with overseas Pakistanis, local startups and academia to promote a culture of entrepreneurship. OPEN Lahore Chapter aims to be a platform for overseas Pakistanis to connect to businesses and startups within Pakistan to foster investment, expansion or back-office development in Pakistan.  Lahore Chapter would also be focusing on enabling local startups to go global by providing OPEN Lahore as a platform for making international connections and by helping the new entrepreneurs via its mentoring program.  

Aims and Objectives 

  • OPEN Lahore Chapter aims to be a leading network of overseas Pakistani entrepreneurs and professionals when it comes to promoting the startup culture and helping the local startups to go global.  
  • OPEN Lahore Chapter will provide, overseas Pakistani entrepreneurs and investors, the opportunities to connect with local businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to develop mutually beneficial partnerships. 
  • OPEN Lahore chapter will provide a platform for overseas Pakistanis to develop relationships for expansion of their businesses into the Pakistani market or to develop a back-office capability in Pakistan. 
  • OPEN Lahore Chapter’s objective is to make Pakistan a prominent hub of scalable startups and global enterprises.